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Prophet Adam
Prophet Adam story What we understand from this story is that this life which we are living on earth is a temporary life and we are here for a small period. There is a larger picture behind our existance and we know not. We are so much indulged in our daily routine of life that we even dont have time to think of our end which is definite.We should undertsand that our purpose of life is not to waste in materialistic things because at last we will die and will leave everything in this world instead we should dedicate our time and effort in beliveing and practising one ultimate GOD and should follow teaching of his prophet. Every prophet Starting from Adam to Muhammad taught to believe in one GOD and to follow command of GOD.We need to understand that our real enemy is Satan not any other human being .Satan’s has enmity towards human beings, how Adam(Our Father) was deceived by him once and thus expelled from Heaven for a certain time. In this century satan is deceiving us through many means. Satan is mainly deciving us by enganging us in entertainment and media. people are busy in peaking into others life through facebook,Watsapp by looking their pic ,messages ,events etc instead we should be worried more about ouself because our time clock is ticking and we neverknow when it will stop. We are spending much of our time in mobiles, more and more enganging and entertaning ourself in freely available mobile games , Tv shows, movies etc. We dont have time to think about our death and hereafter. Satan trying to keep us all busy in materilistic things and we know not. Think for a second that why is entertainment free whereas getting food is diffucult, why is that in a poor house you may always find a TV but he not have a Gas stove. Satan has created an environment of competation for materilistic things. A child from day he/she is born their future plans to achive materilistic goals is set by parents. Its not bad to grow or achive something in this world but what we are not understanding is that satan is deceiving us by keeping us thinking only on one side of life and from childhood we are feeded with same not having option or time to think about our Creator, purpose of creation, death and hereafter We should not be deceived by Satan’s tricks and we are going to have either reward or punishment for what we do on the Earth. What is common b/w Iblis(shayatan) and Adam(human being)---- 1. Both are creation of Allah 2. Both believed in oneness of Allah 3. Both once disobeyed Allah What differentiate b/w a shayatan (Iblis) and a human being (adam) --"There is only one major difference b/w them that is Adam was not aggaront and repented on his mistake but iblis dont." Remember to become a human being we need to repent on our mistakes and seek for forgivness from Allah else we will be equivalent to a Shyatan Do not be arrogant, because the first rebellion to Allah was because of arrogance. “We said to the angels: "Bow down to Adam" and they bowed down. Not so Iblis: he refused and was haughty: he was of those who reject Faith.” (al-Baqarah, 34) Do not be greedy, because it was greed which took Adam out of Heaven where Allah had placed him. He ate the fruit of the tree which Allah forbade and thus he was expelled from Heaven. Do not be jealous, because Cain murdered Abel due to his jealousy. [84]

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